Why does it have to be apple?

So as you know my blog is shiny and new and although I am a photographer I don’t currently have any photos that are really blog appropriate so I’ve been hunting through stock photos. I started putting words like blog and writing into the search bar and I was struck by how many photos had apple hardware in them. Pages and pages of mac books and iPhones. What is wrong with a PC?

I actually feel slightly sorry for my PC. It seems that it just isn’t photogenic enough. If my desk didn’t look like a bomb went off on it I’d show you a photo. She’s a beauty. I have nothing against Apple as such, in fact I currently own an iPhone, but I never write on a Mac. I don’t even own a Mac, nor do I intend buying one.

I am a filmmaker and photographer and to lots of people that means you buy all of the Apple products but like I say, I don’t fit in the box. Most media professionals love Macs and Mac Books but not me. One of the reasons is a nasty incident involving 17 hours in an edit suite in the early 00’s with an old school apple mac but the main reason is because I’m a gamer. Try as they might Apple and gaming just doesn’t work.

Before you all get upset I know it’s come a long way but it just isn’t far enough frankly. I simply can’t play all of my 242 Steam games on a Mac. My Humble Bundle addiction can’t be cured and if I had a Mac I couldn’t even pretend that I’m going to play all those games I buy simply because they are so ridiculously cheap and one of them sounded awesome.

On my beautiful custom built PC I can run anything I like. My Adobe creative suite runs smoothly alongside my copy of World of Warcraft and the contents of my Origin account. My PC is shiny and has coloured LEDS. The keyboard lights up and I can change all of the colours of the keys. I have shininess. Just because my kit doesn’t have silver apples on it doesn’t make it ugly.

The keyboard is also big enough for me to properly hit the right keys without having my hands really close together. It’s a Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard and I love it. It’s comfortable and awesome looking. It also has enough buttons for me to fulfil all my macro based dreams.  Apple feel that the only acceptable size for a keyboard is far too small. I feel like I’m typing on one of those terrible bluetooth keyboards that you buy for a tablet.

Anyway I’m getting carried away. I just want to shout out to stock photographers and ask you to give PCs a chance. They have feelings too…


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